T&CO Premium Coffee


Altitude Blend
(Served Inflight AirAsia)

An espresso coffee roasted to a light medium finish with a sweeter and more delicate mouth feel.  A complex blend of high altitude South American and Asian Arabica beans with a small proportion of A grade Robusta for additional body and complexity.


Sydney Blend

Up front on the nose is a deep sweet malt followed by a delicate floral aroma that permeates the senses. The complexity of this coffee is evident in the aroma and, with the first sip it is almost like a smooth full bodied red wine which then gives way to a mid-palate of notes of chocolate and a little acidity to finish, reminiscent of a bitter-sweet orange syrup. This complexity is certainly not going to disappoint in the milk; take the chocolate notes from the espresso, add milk and you have a milk chocolate in liquid form.


T&CO Coffee Pod

Our T&CO specially crafted Coffee Pod is an espresso coffee roasted to a light medium finish with a sweeter and more delicate mouth feel.

T&CO Premium Espresso Style Coffee Infusion Bags

A special dark roasted blend with a bold character and a delicious chocolate finish.


T&CO High Tea Range

With an expert team of tea traders, T&CO has put together a refined selection of teas ranging from English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Chamomile to non-caffeinated Peppermint.


English Breakfast Tea

This is a classic Ceylon tea blend known for carrying a strong robust flavour and usually paired with sugar and a dash of fresh milk.


Earl Grey Tea

This is a unique black tea blend with distinct citrus accents derived from the extracts of the bergamot orange.


Green Tea

Green tea is a growing popular choice with tea drinkers around the world. It is highly recommended for its flavourful taste, light body, and soothing aroma.


Chamomile Tea

Our T&CO Chamomile blend is flowery sweet in aroma and calming to the nerves.


Peppermint Tea

This is a peppermint herbal tea that holds cooling properties for the body and contains zero caffeine.


Big T’s Luxe Chocolate

T&CO’s Big T’s Luxe Chocolate is made from high quality ingredients to provide a deliciously smooth and premium chocolate drink.


T&CO 3 in 1 Premium Coffee

A premium 3 in 1 instant coffee made with a balanced mix of coffee, cream, and sugar for a creamy and delicious taste.


T&CO Teh Tarik

A local favourite, T&CO’s Teh Tarik is made from quality ingredients including skim milk, giving it a more authentic taste.