At T&CO, we believed that “everyone deserves great coffee”. T&CO takes pride in serving international standard beverages ranging from the best coffee to tea blends sourced from around the world. Our premium beverages are made by enthusiasts using traditional and finest skills and craft. We ensure that we create great experience for everyone, whenever we meet them. After all, life is too short for bad coffee.


Coffee Blends

At T&CO, the best coffee blends are produced by combining several types of coffee beans from different parts of the world. The various properties and characteristics combine to balance the taste and aromas, bringing out the best possible final flavour.

Blends of pure Arabica beans from different countries tend to be milder and more aromatic while blends of Arabica and Robusta have more body and a stronger flavour. For a company such as T&CO, blends are created and perfected by professional tasters whose senses or smell and taste have become highly developed through training and experience.  It is their knowledge, skills and passion for coffee that ensure that the blends maintain their characteristics from year to year.

Every year, the tasters visit coffee plantations all over the world checking and tasting new crops to ensure T&CO only purchases suitable grades and quality beans. T&CO prides itself on the consistent taste of its blends.

A great espresso

Why is it that some espressos are better than others? Although they may use the same blend of coffee, the final product often differs greatly in appearance, aroma and taste. There are many components that have to be taken into account when preparing a perfect espresso. Here in T&CO, besides the careful selection of the blend we choose and the efficiency of the equipment, the knowledge and experience of our Baristas who have been thoroughly trained in preparing the espresso, all have a great impact on the end result.