Where is T&CO from?
International quality but crafted by passionate Malaysian who understand only the best quality for you and me.
Who is T&CO?
We are a bunch of coffee enthusiasts who believe life’s too short for bad coffee and everybody deserves the good stuff. We started T&CO to create a better coffee experience for everyone, so whether you are on the ground or 36,000 feet above sea level, you can trust us to deliver a delicious coffee at the right price (and always with a smile).
Where is T&CO available?
You can find T&CO’s beverages on board Air Asia’s flights and also at our flagship Cafe located in Mid Valley. We are presence in Air Asia Malaysia, Air Asia X, Air Asia Indonesia, and soon, in Air Asia Philippines.We dream to bring our premium beverages to more places around the world to serve you wherever you go.

Where is your 3 in 1 coffee from?
Our 3-in-1 is crafted locally using premium quality ingredients.
Where is your Teh Tarik from?
The best of Teh Tarik only comes from Malaysian who appreciates a good cuppa.
Where is your tea from?
It’s manufactured and packed in Sri Lanka.
Where is your chocolate from?
It’s produced in Australia from local and imported ingredients. Do try, our premium rich chocolate drink.
Where are your beans from? What beans are they?
Sourced widely around the regions and roasted in Australia. Our premium house blend : Altitude blend is blended with 90% Arabica beans and 10% Robusta beans.

Should you have other queries, please feel free to forward them to the Operations Manager on duty.