We provide a range of coffee machine to suit your needs. From Café Latte and Cappuccino to Long Black and Espresso,make your favorite cup of coffee at the comfort of your home, all from one machine.


Gimas Vera Coffee Machines (comes with 3 colors)

Red | White | Black

  • Gimas Vera coffee machine is a machine for home use that can also be used in small offices and small community. It is made of sturdy sheet steel and plastic material of high quality, very simple and practical to use. Through the use of pods of ground coffee, the heat exchanger with stainless steel coil electronically controlled temperature to ensure a perfect espresso with consistent quality and a perfect cleaning during usage. Also, excellent cappuccino can be made with two separate circuits. The two circuits can be activated simultaneously or separately depending on usage.
  • -Width: 200 mm
    -Height: 350mm
    -Depth: 325mm
    -Weight: 8 kg
    -Tank Capacity: 2.4 litres
    -Dual Safety thermal fuse
    -Exchanger with stainless steel coil
    -Electronic temperature modulation
  • Dimension 200x350x325
    Weight 8Kg
    Power Supply 120V – 230V
    Installed Power W 1250 – 2450
    Fuel Tank Capacity 2.4 Litre
    Color White/Black/Red
    Coffee Exchanger Stainless Steel Coil

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